‘Are You Bald By Choice?’ — Vice

“It was part of my ‘look,’ a friend told me later. I was Sam, the badass dyke with the shaved head. That was how everyone saw me. What they didn’t see was the emotional and sometimes physical anguish that prompted me to pick up the clippers in the first place.”

Hurting, Then Healing: A Tale of Two Valentine’s Days — Logo

“I felt like I’d won the gay lottery after being told implicitly and explicitly that my attraction to women and gender non-conforming people was something sick, shameful. Surely this person, this relationship, was the best I could do. Right?”

What a Queer-Led Hexing of Brett Kavanaugh Taught Me About Rage — Logo

“I don’t know what I believe in, but I do know that I experienced something magical that night. As a queer woman, being permitted to actively feel my rage—experience it, interact with it, channel it into something cathartic and productive—is an unfortunate rarity.”

I’m a heavily tattooed woman, but I’m still entitled to my personal space — Yahoo Lifestyle

“Apparently, when I filled out the proverbial sign-up sheet to join the realm of heavily tattooed women, I not only relinquished my undecorated skin; I also signed away my ability to exist unbothered by creepy men in public spaces.”

It’s 2018. Why Are We Still Calling Ourselves “Gold Star Gays”? — Logo

“Labels are important for both individuals and groups—after all, they allow us to rally behind a shared identity or set of issues. They can foster community. They can encourage important discussions. But Platinum and Gold Star Gays have no place in 2018.”


Author Gaby Dunn Wants to Help You Get Your Financial Sh*t Together — Logo

“And [men] love to come at you with money advice because, and I say this in the book, people love judging other people for their money. It’s this sick schadenfreude feeling, like, ‘Oh, at least I’m better than this person.’ And it creates so much extra shame that doesn’t have to be there about this thing that, like sex, is just a part of life!”

“Beyond With Mike Kelton” Is the Wonderfully Witchy and Super Gay Podcast We’ve Been Waiting For — Logo

“When Mike Kelton and I sit down over soda and fries at Schnipper’s on 41st Street, I feel like I’m catching up with a dear friend. There’s some truth to that: Though Kelton is more than five years my senior, we both grew up queer in the suburbs of metro New York. His mother was my high school health and wellness teacher. When I was 14 and deeply closeted, he spoke to my high school’s GSA during its inaugural year, a moment of compassion and genuine connection I’ve held onto more than eight years later.”

Meet the Gay Couple Shaking Up the Fine Art Market — Logo

“As newcomers learning the ins and outs of the fine art world, Miille and Mitow noticed a huge discrepancy between what the art market wasdoing and what it could be doing.”

Wildfang CEO Emma McIlroy Is Queering Fashion and Changing Lives — Logo

“Wildfang co-founder and CEO Emma McIlroy sits down on the windowsill of her company’s first New York storefront. It’s a small spot on Soho’s trendy Lafayette Street, and McIlroy, dressed in a tomboy-chic graphic tee and wide-leg checkered culottes, looks just as hip as her surroundings.”

Meet Danielle Skidmore, a Transgender Activist on the Cusp of Making Political History in Texas — Logo

“Now, Skidmore wants to put her lived experiences and city expertise to work: She’s running for a spot on Austin’s City Council, a victory which would make her Texas’ first openly transgender person elected into office.”

Our Lady J on Why “Pose” Is Revolutionary — Logo

“For Blanca, in the pilot episode, she doesn’t resign to living a sad and a doomed life just because she finds out she’s HIV-positive. In fact, it’s the thing that inspires her to live her life fully, and to become the mother of the House of Evangelista. That’s how it was for me, when I received my diagnosis. I decided that I was going to live.”

The Fierce Feminist Academic Behind “Graffiti Grrlz” — The Riveter

“It’s part of her personal archive, she tells me. Without this paper, her life’s work—years of research, hours of interviews, hundreds of pages of writing—wouldn’t exist. ‘That’s how it all started,’ she says. ‘I just was trying to look for the people that people forgot to look for.'”

Putting Play to Work With the Progressive Movement Method — Hudson Valley Magazine

“His philosophy is surprisingly simple: exercise should be enjoyable, engaging, and incorporated into everyday life, not a task carried out begrudgingly in 30-minute intervals once or twice a week.”

Meet the Owner: CHBO Drums — VISITvortex Hudson Valley

“Behind the slate-gray warehouse door of CHBO Drums is a veritable treasure trove of drumming supplies, augmented by Chris’ unmatched expertise. It’s made all the more special by Chris’ humble intentions.”

The Cost of Compassion

“Many a culture critic has penned a blog post or article about ‘vegan privilege,’ or the notion that a vegan diet and lifestyle is inherently inaccessible to the hundreds of thousands of Americans living below the poverty line.”